A Republican Debate: How Liberals View Us

  • Candidate 1: I think abortion should be illegal no matter what. Raped? Too bad. Incest? That will be awkward to explain to the kid. Risk of death of the mother? Well men are the superior being.
  • Candidate 2: I agree with you 100%!
  • Candidate 3: I was thinking the same thing… You took the words right out of my mouth.
  • Candidate 1: Great! Let’s have lunch to further bask in our money and narrow minded views!
  • Candidate 2 & 3: Agreed! Let’s go!

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The Confederate Flag & The Civil War

As I currently make my way to Pennsylvania where I’ll be visiting Gettysburg, a battle of the Civil War I deemed it appropriate to write about The Confederate Flag or, The Rebel Flag.

Commonly misunderstood the flag has been viewed as a symbol of racism which isn’t the case. It typically brings forth argument and distaste. In 2007 Obama was asked to respond to the South Carolina debates on the flag. He had been asked where he thought the appropriate place for the flag was. In response he replied, “In a museum.”

When examining the flag you will notice thirteen white stars- representing the thirteen states that entered the confederacy.

They designed the flag intended to draw upon symbols used in the flag flown by the United States. They meant to show that it was in fact The Union that held misconceived interpretations of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

The racial motivations people relate the symbols of the confederacy was not always there. A nationwide Lou Harris poll released on July 4, 1994 showed quite the opposite actually. 87% of all Americans did not find the flag offensive. To break that down, 68% of people in the African American community were not offended, 88% of Hispanics, and 90% of Caucasians.

The Atlanta Journal published this statement on July 5, 1992- “In none of our research did we find any record of a stated connection between changing the flag and opposition to desegregation rulings… Introduction of the bill (to change the flag) was for one reason and one reason only: to create a living memorial to our great heritage and the brave people involved.”

Jason Pressburg, a columnist says this about his New York education on the Civil War- “The New York public school district that I was taught in left me with the impression that it was a battle between the North, the good guys, and the South, the bad guys. The Northerners were abolitionists, fighting from the good of their hearts to end slavery. The Southerners were the cruel masters of the slaves, fighting to keep their wicked slavery ideals.” Growing up in New Hampshire that is how I felt after learning about the Civil War too.

Commonly, to Southerners though, the flag is seen as a symbol of the joy and pride of being from the south. It doesn’t include racial motivations.


Young Americans for Romney

Thursday night in Bedford, NH I attended the kickoff event for the Young Americans for Romney. As you may know I will be co-chairing the New Hampshire group. The night was successful with a good turnout attendance wise and it was awesome to meet people of like minds since I tend to be very different politically compared to my friends.

We made phone calls for the New Hampshire Republican State Commitee reaching out to independent voters, while some organized a lit drop for the campaign. If you are a young republican  and Romney supporter I strongly encourage you to go like the Young Americans for Romney facebook page and to volunteer your timr for the campaign. Us as young republicans can make a difference and the youth vote does matter.

Obama on Gay Marriage

Politifact looks at Obama changing his views on marriage

Politifact a nonpartisan political fact checking site looks at where Obama has stood on the issue of gay marriage. Here is the full article on what they dug up on his stance.

The liberal media has tried to peg him as “The First Gay President” as an article stated, meaning he is a full supporter of gay rights and a symbol of well, “hope and change,” but he has changed his views before and likely will again. Also, he waited til an election year to announce he had “evolved” on the issue and now believes in the right for gays to marry.

1001 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama



I originally found this from a facebook friend, and then I posted it to my tumblr. Between myself and one other conservative blogger this has gone through quite a few conservative tumblr blogs.

Here, linked, is the complete list of 1001 reasons not to cast your ballot for Barack Obama this November.

Women Earn 77 Cents for Every Dollar a Man Earns; For The Same Work!


False. False. &… still false. It is partly true though, besides the whole for the same work bit. The study where this 77 cents number feminists everywhere are throwing around did conclude that woman earn 77 cents for every dollar a man does BUT it is not on a per occupation basis. The number is overall, occupation not taken into consideration men earn more.

So, this takes into account men who work typically more physically demanding jobs and get payed for the physical labor respectfully. Women typically, not saying all, but the vast majority of women don’t work the more physically demanding jobs and those tend to pay out more.

For example, take into thought the Discovery Chanel show ‘Deadliest Catch.’ It is a show of one of the most dangerous jobs going- Alaskan King Crab Fishing. Now, all the times I’ve tuned into this show- which isn’t often but I have watched it, I have never seen a woman working aboard those ships.

If feminists are so concerned with that number, the 77 cents, then no one is stopping them from choosing a job such as construction, or king crab fishing.

The fact of the matter is, most women don’t want to work a job like that, and the ones that do are a minority so despite them being paid the same as a man, there isn’t enough of them to change the statistics.

Romney’s New Ad:

Romney’s new ad which brings attention to how Obama keeps claiming he has outsourced jobs all over the place. Also, it reminds you of how Obama treated Hilary Clinton in the 08′ race.